Stagnation free up to the washbasin faucet

In order to adhere to the hygiene requirements in the drinking water installation, KEMPER and SCHELL have developed the HyTwin system. HyTwin is an innovative system for the prevention of stagnation up to the outlet valve. The HyTwin system enables continuous throughflow of the wall disc, angle valve, fitting connecting lines for drinking water, cold (PWC) and drinking water, warm (PWH) up to the outlet valve for washbasins not used in the short term or long term and, thus, significantly contributes to adhering to the requirements of the Drinking Water Directive
(Edition 2012).

Requirements on clean drinking water

  • Ensuring the quality of drinking water at the outlet valve, in accordance with the Drinking Water Directive (TrinkwV, Edition 2012)
  • Adhering to the hygiene of drinking water (microbiological, chemical and physically)
  • Prevent stagnation in the drinking water be establishing the intended use at all times (DIN1988-200)
  • Maintaining the temperature of the drinking water installation by consumption and circulation processes (PWC < 25 °C, PWH > 55 °C)