KEMPER Hygiene System KHS


Drinking water hygiene, economy, ecology in focus

Already back in the 19th century, Louis Pasteur said: "We drink 90% of our illnesses!"

And that makes it especially astounding that nowadays the maintenance of potable water hygiene in building installations is still often neglected. Compliance with drinking water hygiene can have immediate effects on our health. Even just considering health reasons, establishing intended use, e.g., through forced flow and selective water-replacement measures in the drinking water installation, is recommended.

KEMPER developed the KHS Hygiene System to enable compliance with the hygiene requirements in the drinking water installation. It is an innovative valve system to prevent stagnation and the consequential negative impairment of the drinking water quality. The KEMPER Hygiene System KHS guarantees that fresh drinking water can always be tapped at every tapping point.

This is how plumbing was installed up to now

Both in housing construction as well as in public buildings (hotels, hospitals, doctor's offices, etc.), the terminal T-adapter installation is executed in the cold drinking water (PWC) and hot drinking water (PWH) system. That results in stagnation areas in the branch lines. To replace the water body, in individual cases comprehensive and costly flushing measures are required.

The KHS solution:

Hygienically safe installation with KEMPER KHS Venturi flow splitter in combination with a ring installation. When using the dynamic flow splitter, multiple water exchanges in the ring line are achieved through the water movement in the branch line (no additional flushing equipment is needed in the ring).