KEMPER System valves

System SANPRESS and PROFPRESS Figure 190 30
System SANPRESS and PROFPRESS Figure 560 06
System MAPRESS Figure 143 22
System MEPLA Figure 385 40
System SANHA Figure 190 35
System SANHA Figure 546 02

Advantages at a glance

  • Material and time savings through permanently integrated press-fit connection
  • Guaranteed hydro-tested tight connection
  • Full warranty, subject to compliance of system-specific installation guidelines


The advantage for the processor is obvious: KEMPER valves with ‘sanpress‘ and ‘profipress‘ piping systems are installed quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

System valves MAPRESS and MEPLA

For the Geberit piping systems Mepla, Mapress stainless steel and Mapress, KEMPER supplies the matching system valves with integrated press-fit connections made of gunmetal and stainless steel. The consequent implementation of the system concept is carried out with only two valve types for the three piping systems.

System valves SANHA®

KEMPER SANHA® system valves - always with system. After all, for the SANHA® connection technique with copper pipes and the SANHA® stainless steel piping system NiroSan®, KEMPER already has the matching system valves.