Multi-gauge strips help to realize various mechanical material specifi cations of components easily. Partly reduced strip thicknesses allow the targeted creation of springy areas.

Depending on the dimensional and material specifi cations, KEMPER will either serve you by way of a skiving process performed in-house, or by milling at Profiltech Stufenbandprofile GmbH, a subsidiary of the KEMPER group.

Profiled strips are distinguished by:

  • low tolerances
  • smooth surface in profiled areas
  • great flexibility in the profile shape design
  • various design options for thickness transitions (side angles, radius)
  • low stress in profi led areas

  • all customary machinable non-ferrous metal materials can be processed
  • extensive thickness reductions are possible in profiled areas (up to 90 %, depending on the production process)
  • partially hot-dip-tinned strips can be produced (by selective removal of the tin layer)