Long-running success for 30 years

Long-running success for 30 yearsWhen back in 1985 KEMPER expanded its product line with the concealed valves certainly hardly anyone thought that from this modification a new product group would emerge to become a true, long-running success.

Back in the day the idea was to construct a device connection valve based on the  concealed valve that would be reliably protect against frost damage without manual draining. To accomplish that, the spindle of the  concealed valve would have to be extended so far that the operating grip and a hose connection would be placed on the outside wall but the valve itself would remain in the frost-proof interior of the building. Through the slight inclination in the outlet pipe (back then installed through the wall in a separate borehole) the new valve would automatically drain after every actuation. Operation was even possible at sub-freezing temperatures.

Using the already available shaft and spindle cutting technique it was even possible to utilise the new valve variation in different wall thicknesses. The KEMPER FROSTI® frost-proof outdoor tap was born. FROSTI® was consequently further developed in the subsequent years. A valve emerged from the original 2-pipe solution and merely required a wall bore hole. Versions for retrofitting from the outside of a wall followed along with an extensive range of accessories. For central supply with water and electricity outdoors, meanwhile FROSTI® is also being used in the KEMPER Tresor wall cupboards.

Its solidity and functional reliability along with the above-average high discharge capacity have now turned FROSTI® into a long-running success that is extensively available in the distribution partners’ warehouses.