KHS HS2 Hygiene Flushing Box

During the “life of a building”, the type of use or the behaviour of the building user changes. The actual frequency and volume of tapping then often strongly deviate from the originally planned values in subsections of the drinking water installation or even throughout the entire building. The intended use is no longer guaranteed. Stagnating sections and insufficient hygiene in the cold drinking water (PWC) and hot drinking water (PWH) can be the consequence.

KHS HS2 hygienic flushing helps restore the intended use through controlled “forced tapping”. Water exchange is controlled during this through the time, temperature and volume parameters. Variable flushing outputs (4 l/min, 10 l/min, 15 l/min) can be selected for both individual connections (PWC or PWH) and double connections.

As an independent flushing appliance, the KHS HS2 can be configured and controlled using the HS2 app. Flushing records can be forwarded by email. As an alternative, linking to the BMS or KHS Mini System Controller MASTER 2.0 is also possible. The KHS system solution provides an option for saving and outputting the flushing records directly through the MASTER 2.0 (WEB).

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