KEMPER Gunmetal - The Material

KEMPER gunmetal, the ideal valve and
plumbing material – now and in the future

According to DIN 50930-6/DIN EN 1982, gunmetal is a standardised valve and plumbing material. Its diverse applications makes it especially suitable for plumbing installation technology, e.g. as a valve material for stop, protection and regulating valves, as fittings material for piping system components or as constructional material in the water, filter and recycling technology.

Advantages at a glance

  • Its high Cu content makes gunmetal low-dezincifying
  • In all water qualities according to the drinking water directive, gunmetal can be used without any limits
  • Gunmetal can be used in the DIN/DVGW rule base and regulations on drinking water even after 2013 (DIN 50930-6, DIN 1988, DIN EN 806 etc.)
  • Gunmetal is especially corrosion-proof
  • Gunmetal is obtained from recycling material (old valves and components) without any quality loss
  • Gunmetal gives you confidence! Now and in the future

Corrosion behaviour of gunmetal

Gunmetal counts among the most highly corrosion resistant copper materials and excels with its outstanding resistivity against external influences. The special material suitability, even under extreme water conditions, predestines gunmetal for use in the drinking water installation. Besides its use in the drinking water area, the gunmetal material has held up well against carbonic acid and salty mine drainage, so it is extensively used in mining operations.

Since gunmetal, due to its low copper content, consists solely of alpha-microstructures and contains merely 5% zinc, this material cannot dezincify in standard applications, and neither surface nor plug dezincification occur.

Stress corrosion cracking
Due to the special material microstructure, stress corrosion cracking is also not experienced with gunmetal.