WESER valves - innovation leader for more than 40 years

The WESER success story - always one step ahead

  • 1971
    First drinking water stop valve made of gunmetal 
  • 1982
    Market innovation: Stagnant-zone free valve for maintaining drinking water hygiene and maintenance-free stem seal with long-term lubrication for permanent smoothness of operation
  • 2001
    Development of today's ultra-modern gunmetal. It's applicability is documented even past the year 2013 by being accepted into the list of "Metallic materials suitable for contact with drinking water" from the Umweltbundesamt (German environmental protection agency)
  • 2004
    Development of the stainless-steel valve face
  • 2006
    Market innovation: Stem seal that can be exchanged during operation to minimise shut-downs.
  • 2007
    Launch of the  10-year guaranty on WESER valves as per Figure 173 0G/1G
  • 2012
    10-year guaranty is expanded to cover the entire WESER series (Figure 173 0G/1G/2G and Figure 190 00/01/02/22/30/35/40)

The latest WESER generation
Innovative, hygienically safe, enduring reliability

  1. Completely stagnant-zone-free design prevents the growth of bacteria
  2. Permanent reliability through maintenance-free EPDM stem seal, which can be replaced under full system pressure
  3. Permanently smooth operation through self-lubricating stem seal and through an actuating thread which is isolated from the medium
  4. Dezincification-free and corrosion-proof gunmetal, recommended by the German Federal environmental protection agency beyond the year 2013
  5. Erosion-proof valve seat made of stainless steel
  6. Especially pressure and temperature resistant through seal seating made of special EPDM
  7. Low pressure losses through hydrodynamically optimized design
  8. Insulation as per EnEV can be cleanly adapted without dismantling the discharge valve
  9. All plastic parts that have contact with medium with KTW certificate
  10. With female or male thread or can be directly pressed onto various piping systems