the "heart" of the domestic hot water heating

1) Control unit

Adaptive controller due to "neuronal networks" with high control quality. The output control of the pump is optimised automatically by the controller and adjusted to your property. one recharging request and one fault message can be output by each controller. BSMS-compatible via ModBus
in conjunction with the ComLog module. A ModBus connection also ensures communication between the ThermoBoxes.

2) Pump

The high-efficiency pump output is controlled according to the pulse width modulation principle. Longer pump life due to patented cooling of the pump mechanism by means of the stack effect. Compliance
with the energy efficiency index (EEI) according to EC Directive.

3) Gravity brake

In the heating flow with integrated ventilation position.

4) Pt 1000 temperature measurement sensor

For recording the PWH temperature as a control variable. The arrangement directly in the medium avoid the otherwise high temperature fluctuations that usually occur.

5) Plate heat exchanger

Made of stainless steel, for all domestic hot water qualities (also available as Cu soldered variant, usable up to domestic hot water electrical conductivity of 500 μS/cm). Fast cooling of the secondary side after the drawing-off by patented inclined position of the heat exchanger. This prevents excessive
limescale precipitation.

6) Flow sensor

According to the vortex principle for exact determination of the PWH flow rate on drawing off and in circulation mode.

7) Full flow shut-off valve with actuator

Only for cascade units or for switching on or off further ThermoBoxes in the cascade group.