KTS-ThermoTank S

optimised "energy storage" for domestic hot water heating

The KTS ThermoTank is a heating medium buffer tank, which has been developed with the help of state-of-the-art flow simulation software. This achieves energy-optimised, temperature-dependent stratification during the charging and discharging process of the heat transfer medium. The internal baffles ensure low-turbulence stratification of the return medium from the domestic hot water heater. The unitised construction of the insulation enables retrofitting even in an already completed pipe installation. Hook strips help to ensure easy closure. Subsequent dismantling and renewed refastening is also no problem. The insulation made of rigid non-woven is characterised by its optimised fit and conforms to building material class B1. Thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, energy-efficient storage of the heating medium is possible. The variable heights of the temperature sensors enable the temperature zones to be arranged individually. This in turn enables coordination of the ThermoSystem with the heating system. Among other things, this enables the timing of the heat source to be optimised and temperature zones to be adjusted to different heat source combinations.

Thermographic image of the KEMPER KTS ThermoTank
Section through the KEMPER KTS ThermoTank
KEMPER KTS ThermoTank insulated
Energy efficiency label for KEMPER KTS ThermoTank to EU Regulation 812/2013