KEMPER gunmetal - The ideal valve and plumbing material

Gunmetal is a valve and plumbing material standardised in accordance with DIN 50930-6 / DIN EN 1982 that, with its diversified applications is especially suited to sanitary installation engineering, e.g. as a valve material for stop, securing and regulating valves, as fitting material for pipe-system components and as a construction material in water, filtering and recycling engineering.

Benefits at a glance

  • Due to its high Cu content, gunmetal has low dezincification
  • According to the Drinking Water Ordinance, gunmetal can be used without restrictions in all water qualities
  • Gunmetal can be used unrestricted according to all standards
  • (50930-6, DIN 1988 etc.)
  • Gunmetal is especially corrosion resistant
  • Gunmetal is collected from recycling materials (old valves and components) without any loss of quality, protecting the environment and conserving resources
  • That means gunmetal provides you with security! Now and in the future!
Material info

Material info

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