The versatility of the cast products and the number of various models are the great challenges faced by the sand foundry in Olpe. We use the latest robot engineering here to cast 2,500 different parts for several hundred domestic and foreign customers. The largest individual customer is the KEMPER Company itself. That's because KEMPER brand name valves for drinking water installations are made here. The corrosion-resistant gunmetal material KEMPER uses complies with the strict water quality regulations, both now and in the future.

With its modern automatic sand foundry, KEMPER is both a specialist and a trendsetter in materials development and environmentally-aware fabrication processes. Kemper cast products are weight optimized, high quality and durable. At KEMPER, 3,300 tons of castings are processed into 7.5 m cast products annually. Using completely automated core processes, sand cores are manufactured annually for approx. 7.5 m cast products.

  • Core manufacture using robots (cold box, hot box, CO2)
  • Hand moulder (single-piece production)
  • Semi-automatic machine (low-volume production)
  • Automatic forming machine
  • Sawing robot

                             Mould plant foundry                                 Core robot