KEMPER ThermoSystem KTS

Drinking Water heating without compromise

The KEMPER KTS ThermoSystem combines fulfilment of the highest domestic hot water-hygiene requirements, energy optimisation, convenience and comfort as well as security of supply at all draw-off points. KTS is a modern, central domestic hot water heating system, which operates according
to the continuous flow principle. The constant discharge temperature at the draw-off points is achieved in particular due to the high control quality of control unit integrated in the ThermoBox. Use of KTS enables integrated design and installation of a hygienically safe and energy-optimised drinking water heating system in the familiar KEMPER quality. This includes not only the connected domestic hot water system but also the circulation system (PWH and PWH-C).

Advantages at a glance

  • no domestic hot water hygiene risk areas due to patented cascade rotation
  • energy-efficient operation
  • low investment costs due to precise, customized system design
  • fast presence and high consistency of the outlet temperature (PWH) for small and large draw-off quantities
  • can also be used for aggressive domestic hot water*
  • low limescale precipitation due to patented positioning of the plate heat exchanger
  • longer pump life thanks to patented cooling of the pump electronics
  • in-house KTS service team

* EPDM sealed version of the ThermoBox




KTS-ComLog module

KTS-ThermoTank S


KTS-3-way changeover valve

KTS-3-way changeover valve