Profiltech GmbH Stufenbandprofile

For more than 40 years the company Profiltech (formerly Mitschele + Stumpp) has been a pioneer in the field of introducing and manufacturing precision-milled profile strips made of copper, copper-alloys and non-ferrous-special-alloys. Our know-how, high-quality work and excellent service have enabled Profiltech to occupy a leading position in the market for milled profile strips. Precision-milled profiles, also called contour strips or profiled strips, have been used for more than 40 years in the stamping industry for manufacturing connectors, contacts, relay springs etc. and are also gaining importance in the production of power-semiconductors. Profiltech has developed a specific milling technology for profiles. The machines and tools are developed and manufactured by our own machine construction and tooling department. The profiles are manufactured in accordance with specific manufacturing plans for each type. This is a prerequisite for maintaining a high quality level.

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